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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  October 23, 2017 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> bill: i told you it was going to be a week. we will see you in prime time tonight. at 10:00 eastern. goodbye. >> sandra: goodbye. ♪ >> jon: president trump has a new warning for congress when it comes to the budget and tax reform. good morning to you, i am jon scott. >> melissa: i'm melissa francis, happy monday. the president telling house republicans to get to work on tax reform and past the senate budget immediately or face the consequences in 2018. he sounds optimistic that they will get it done. here's what he told maria bartiromo. >> i think that we are going to have the votes for taxes, and i will say the fact that health care is so difficult makes the taxes easier. the republicans want to get it done. it is a tremendous tax cut. especially for the middle class.
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in especially for business, we are losing our companies. we have company is leaving. and since i have been elected, that is really stopped and slow down. there is a tremendous enthusiasm for business in this country. >> jon: white house correspondent john roberts live with more on that story. >> good morning to you. the house is going to try to pass the senate budget to later on this week, of course the rules of the house are different when it comes to considering tax or form then they are in the senate. they have the filibuster rule, so it has to get through a reconciliation process to get it to 51 votes coming in starting the budget to lay the groundwork for that. the president yesterday holding the conference call with republican members of congress. the president saying, i would like to get tax reform done by thanksgiving. which in anybody's books would be a really heavy lift. by the president is trying to add a little bit of fuel to the fire, light a burn under members of congress saying, let's get to work on this. are there is a lot to do between
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now and the time that the president i put pen to paper, to sign the tax reform into law. a lot of concerns about how big of a whole list might blow in the deficit even temporarily. also concerned that some of the elimination of tax deductions like state and local might actually cause it'll class income earners to pay more taxes than they are paying now. the president says that this is going to be a big tax cut for the middle class. he suggested that there are still things in flex. listen to what he told maria bartiromo. >> we are saying that there is no way that the middle class does not greatly benefit. there is a method which some people in the middle class will not benefit as much as we want them to benefit. we are making certain adjustments. but i think that we are going to have it sooner rather than later. >> the president is getting some pushback on his demand for 20% corporate tax down from 35%. congress is saying may be 22% or
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25%. by the president has said that 20% is the redline for him. some members of congress pushing for a higher tax brackets for the richest americans, which the president says he is willing to support. mick mulvaney told dana perino on ""fox news sunday"" that a lot of good negotiations still lie ahead. listen here. >> we are saying, look, we want the best tax package that can actually pass. if there are things that house has to do to get the last vote across the finish line, that is up to them. the fifth bracket is not for the white house. we are not pushing it. we do not want it, but it is something in the greater scheme of things, if we have to take it. then we will. >> one-story grazing eyebrows, the story in "the wall street journal" that some members are considering a cap on the yearly contributions that americans can make to the 401(k). as you can imagine, sending shock waves to the services market as to a bunch of people
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that rely on their 401(k) to retire. at the president saying, that is not going to happen. in the tweet saying "there will be no capital change to your 401(k), this has always been a great tax break. it works. and it stays." still lots of details to be ironed out, it seems. >> we are still at the beginning of the process. >> jon: yes, we are. thank you. >> melissa: for more on tax reform and the rest of the president's agenda, let's bring in capitol hill reporter for politico. thank you for joining us. so he was on this sunday night republican call with members of the house, i guess he is going to the republican senate lunch, what are your sources telling you he had to say on their call calls? >> white house sources say that the president is wrapped up on tax reform and trying to put some pressure on republicans to get moving on this thoroughly needed legislative item for republicans.
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first off, yes, he is going to be joining the senate policy lunch, the first time that he will be joining them in the capital to talk about tax reform and unite them. as you know, he has been sparring with some of the senators, bob corker, jeff flake, it is an attentive unity to move tax reform forward. as you mentioned last night, he joined a rare conference call with call with house republicans. basically said i need you to take the budget vote this week. move tax reform forward, if not, if it slows down, we are potentially going to see a bloodbath for you guys next election. >> melissa: what was their reaction to that? did it when men can friends? was it persuasive? >> i think that trump coming out and telling republicans to get moving absolutely has an effect on capitol hill. there was talk whether the budget could pass the house, that is because it is not a very conservative budget. it does not balance in ten years, republicans are unhappy about that. it is necessary in order to get
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tax or for moving. my sources are telling me that we could see a tax bill out of the house. paul ryan told republicans on his call that he wants to get it through the house. i think getting so that the senate can finish it by the end of the year. as you know, that is assuming that there are no problems that crop up in congress, we all know how the hill is. >> melissa: oh, yeah, never any problems there. it will would be fine. the way that he is pitching versus health care, it would seem that it is near and dear to the president's heart. he understands the tax code. it is something that he has worked with for decades. he took advantage of where it was legal to take advantage of it in terms of companies and how to reorganize and all that pain. he understands how corporations look at it. it seems like he is more on point with this in terms -- rather than health care, do you get that feeling? >> yes, they are very happy on
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what the president is doing with tax upon to get it moving. it is not going to be an easy battle here. the same issues that arose during the repeal of debate could arrive on tax reform. i know that some republicans are privately crossing their fingers right now hoping that trump does not pull another chuck and nancy a chinese dinner and make some tax reform deal with democrats. there is some worry that he could up and their plans by doing an agreement. >> melissa: doing what he wants. he is saying, if you do not deal with me, i will go over to the democratic side. he could be sending them all fortune cookies to remind them of the dinner. you brought up health care, this is what mitch mcconnell had to say about that. that is a different battle. let's listen. >> what i am waiting -- to hear from president trump, what kind of health care he might sign. if there is a need for some kind of interim step, he wants to stabilize the market, we need a bill that the president will actually sign.
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i'm not certain yet what the president is looking for here. but i will be happy to bring a bill to the floor if i know that president trump will sign it. >> melissa: rachel, to me that sounds like you have not told us what to do or what you ones, i'm not moving. >> they will wait until they get a signal from the white house. if they need some cover on the the spread of tax reform it's taking off. obamacare repeal talk, definitely have some work to do before they reach some sort of agreement. there is a bipartisan deal in the senate between some democrats and republicans who crop up obamacare, and people think they it can pass, but i know from my experience that it is not going to go anywhere unless i get paul ryan and mitch mcconnell on board. they are looking at the white house and, what do you want, mr. president? is this something you want? if so, that is a different conversation, but i was told a couple of days ago that they want something for a fix. they are not just going to give
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it to the democrats. it could be a wall, a repeal of the obamacare mandate. or they are looking to get something. >> melissa: rachel bait, great information, think of her coming on. >> happy to be here. >> jon: james mattis meeting today with his counterparts on the nuclear threat from north korea. while the u.s. air force is making preparations that could place the b-52 bombers on 24-hour alert. senior foreign affairs live in london with more on that. >> i think the bomber story, i think it is safe to say that the u.s. air force is ready for anything including anything involving north korea, but they are not going quite as far as some reports had said. there is one defense website in the past 24 hours reporting that preparations were being made at one u.s. airbase in louisiana, that the nuclear armed b-52 at readiness, readiness not seen since cold war days. fox news has been told that
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there is work being done at the base, but there are no specific plans on the status. they do stand behind a," he says that third job is to provide any and all options for the commander in chief. it's probably the best sign, many activity regarding north korea and b-52s. if we see any activity in guam, the nearest location where their position. strong words recorded, north korea coming from the meeting in the philippines. that is the one that defense secretary mattis is attending. if they great concerns with the program. remember that president trump is making a trip to that region and just about two weeks' time. and north korea obviously number one on the agenda. finally, we cannot expect to the regime of kim jong un to go quiet for more than 24 hours or so, the state news agency
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calling president trump a hooligan, lunatic, saying that he is overheated with war fever. tough words all around. >> jon: new news just about every day. as he pointed out. thank you very much. >> melissa: a gruesome discovery in syria, the humanitarian group says more than 60 bodies were found in a town just liberated from isis control. plus army sergeant bowe bergdahl appearing before a military judge who will assign his sentence on charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enem enemy. been better, with amazing amenities like movie theaters, exercise rooms and swimming pools, public cafes, bars and bistros even pet care services. and there's never been an easier way to get great advice. a place for mom is a free service that pairs you with a local advisor to help you sort through your options and find a perfect place. a place for mom.
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from the moment you met you wantecomfort and protection that's why pampers swaddlers is the #1 choice of hospitals to wrap your baby in blanket-like softness so all they feel is love pampers swaddlers >> jon: syrian activists say they have found the body of 65 civilians, most likely killed by isis, syrian troops took back the town from the islamic state on saturday. one resident said when isis took over the town, they killed women, children, and other innocent people.
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they expect to find more bodies in the coming days. >> melissa: breaking this hour hour, army sergeant bowe bergdahl appearing at a sentencing hearing this morning before and military judge who will decide his punishment for desertion in afghanistan. jonathan serrie is live with the details. >> hi, melissa, moments ago the court went into recess until wednesday, it will be at least 22 days, possibly a week before bowe bergdahl learns his fate. he could face as much as life in prison, that decision rests exclusively in the hands of a military judge. during this morning's proceedings, the defense argued statements on the case by president trump could affect bergdahl's right to an sentence. the army played a guilty to desertion, prosecutors offered him no deal and exchange with the plea, but the judge may consider the ordeal bergdahl
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based as a taliban and captain for five years, he was tortured and repeatedly threatened with death. in 2014, the obama administration negotiated his release as a prisoner swap in exchange for five taliban fighters who were being held at guantanamo bay. he told sean langdon, his time back in america has been worse in his ordeal as a hostage. a story published by the "times of london" he explained that at least a tallow ban were honest enough to say, i'm the guy who is going to cut your throat. it could be the guy in the core door who is going to send me away for life. this morning's hearing has gone into recess until wednesday. we are told that it could be as late as next week before the sentence is handed down. melissa. >> melissa: jonathan serrie, thank you. >> jon: opening arguments begin today in the trial of the man accused of killing kate stanley. at the illegal immigrant charged with her murder, deported five times before she was shot dead
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>> melissa: right now court action in a case that sparked a national immigration debate. statements beginning in the murder trial of the mexican man who shot and killed kate steinle on a san francisco peer two years ago. garcia zarate admits to shooting her in the back. he says it was an accident. he had been deported five times to his native mexico, homeless
8:21 am
in san francisco during the time of the shooting. >> jon: justin, the widow of sergeant hello david johnson is speaking out for the first time. she says what upset her most about president trump's condolence call was the tone of the president's. >> what ever miss wilson said was not fabricated, what she said was 100% correct. it was master sergeant o'neill, mia, my aunt, my uncle, and the driver. and miss wilson in a car. the phone was on speakerphone. why would we fabricate something like that? >> jon: she is referring to the florida congresswoman who has taken some heat for her characterization of that call. mrs. johnson told good morning america that the phone call made
8:22 am
her cry. >> is there anything you would like to say to the president no now? >> no. i don't have nothing to say to him. >> jon: will this escalate the feud between president trump and the florida congresswoman? let's bring in the panel, hugo garten is "washington examiner" editorial director, judith miller is pulitzer prize winning reporter and fox news contributor. just when you thought the story might go away, the president is out with a fairly fresh tweet, probably in response to what they had to stay on morning television. he writes "i had a very respectful conversation with the widow of la david johnson, and i realize that i got the name wrong. i'm guilty of the same thing that she accuses the president of having done.
8:23 am
so judy, to you first of all, is this going to end of the whole fairly sordid chapter? >> i thought it was going to, john, after the president sent general kelly out to talk about something he had never spoken about before, which was the death of his own son in combat to defend the president. basically shield the president. i think that some of us were very disheartened to see that. but general kelly saluted, he did his job. and i thought that this was going to go away until donald trump could not restrain himself and went out on a tweet this morning, accusing the widow of a fallen soldier of lying. that's essentially what he has done. and when cindy sheehan attacked george bush, much more harshly, president bush sucked it up and said, he understood her pain. this was a moment for president trump to demonstrate
8:24 am
similar compassion. for this woman in her grief and in her sorrow, but he hasn't. he did not. and i guess at this point we should not be surprised, but personally i am just very, very disappointed. >> jon: hugo, what is your take on the presidential phone call in the way it has been characterized? >> the whole incident has been terrible. one cannot but feel sympathy for the widow in her bereavement, but i think that any fair-minded person, not -- whose judgment is not clouded by sorrow would recognize that when president trump said those words which were the ones that of course our controversy, which is saying that the soldier who died knew what he signed up for, he was actually paying tribute to that soldier saying that he went into battle with clear eyes, he knew the possibility that he would be killed, and yet he did his duty anyway. one cannot blame the widow of this soldier for perhaps not
8:25 am
seeing it that way. and it is perfectly true that president trump is not an eloquent man. sometimes his tone is really not what it should be. but one can blame the congresswoman for -- she must have known that this is what president trump wanted to do. it does not stand to any reason that he would phone up to convey condolences to insult her. and what she might have done is explain to the widow, no, the president is sometimes a bit clumsy, but clearly he was paying tribute to the your husband. that would have ended the incident. >> jon: the president has complained that the press are out to get him. over the weekend he got some support on that score from another former president. jimmy carter said this in an interview with "the new york times." he says "i think the media have been harder on trump than any other president certainly that i have known about. i think they feel free to claim that trump is mentally deranged
8:26 am
and everything else without hesitation." that's what the former president said to "the new york times" ." judy, your take. >> it's true that the press has been harder on president trump than anyone else, because he has given us because to be harder. he lives repeatedly, he goes out and does and says outrageous things such as calling the widow of a fallen soldier a liar and this morning's tweet. i do not disagree with anything that my colleague has just said. i too was very sympathetic to president trump's effort to be compassionate to reach out to the widow. i understand that and i salute him for it. but when he does not know what to say and he says it badly, you either apologize or if the matter ends there. president trump is incapable of that, president carter is just like president trump that he cannot stand the spotlight not being on him, he wants to work for president trump, that is what this is about. >> jon: you are referring to the fact that he has volunteered
8:27 am
or putting himself forward as somebody who might be able to go to north korea and negotiate with kim jong un. >> yes. [laughs] >> jon: jimmy carter, a democrat, about as far away from president trump as you can get, but he says that he is the most attacked president that carter has ever seen. >> he is absolutely right. i don't think anybody can remember the president being attacked the way that president trump is. the truth is that there has been an escalation. president george w. bush and president obama were more criticized than president clinton, even though president clinton was impeached. there has been a third escalation, and those three presidents, george w. bush, obama, and trump have faced people saying that they are not a legitimate president. we are seeing an erosion of the democratic institutions system in the country, when people simply saying, they do not accept the result that went
8:28 am
against their wishes. >> jon: interesting over there on friday, we heard accusations that the russians are trying to form and that political anger in america. they may be succeeding. thank you both. >> thank you, jon. >> melissa: the secretary of state making an unannounced stop on his trip. why he visited afghanistan, what was on the agenda when he met with that country's president. we are alive with the story. top republicans firing back at steve bannon's plan to take down some g.o.p. incumbents. why mitch mcconnell says that his actions could derail the president's most important plan. (avo) when you have type 2 diabetes, you manage your a1c,
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we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges. >> new fallout from steve bannon's plan to impeach g.o.p. incumbents in every election to congress. mitch mcconnell blasting the former white house chief strategist saying he and others backing the plan are specialists at nominating people who lose. >> the kind of people that are supported by the element that you have just been referring to are specialists in defeating republican candidates and november. that's what this inner party skirmishes about. our goal is to nominate people in the primary next year to actually win. and the people who win will be the ones who enact the
8:33 am
president's agenda. >> melissa: 's take a joining us now is fox news contributor, we also have syndicated radio host at salem media, thank you to both of you for joining us paid what you think, kevin, is he right? >> mitch mcconnell is this much right and this much wrong. you have a very clear strategy. you have to get to republicans that can win in november. he always likes to rattle off three or four codenames that did not do very well. the problem is, his senate is packed with people that defy his own strategy. marco rubio, ben sasse, mike lee, these are all people that mitch mcconnell worked against. and they are now the future, the young guys, the stable of the future republican senate. he is this much right, but he has this much wrong. >> melissa: richard, if they do get passed to the primary opposition, they are that much stronger.
8:34 am
you end up with a very strong candidate if they happens win, do you agree with that? that's what kevin said. >> i think the republican party is an interesting conundrum, you have the republican voters in 2016, recently a couple of weeks ago in alabama have made it clear that steve bannon and donald trump are the head of their party. they did it in the primary election by knocking out a couple of dozen contenders and saying that donald trump is a party. donald trump picked steve bannon as the chairman of his campaign. they have taken the party forward. they elected roy moore as their nominee for the senate race there. so it is very clear that steve bannon is ahead of this party, and donald trump is also the leader of the party. and they are the ones taking it forward. mitch mcconnell and paul ryan are on the back burner, as donald trump would say, they are the swamp. >> melissa: kevin, i don't know if they are the head of the party, i'm not sure the president would identify himself as the leader of the
8:35 am
republicans, i want to be -- a sort of identifies himself as almost independent. a sort of against the swamp. that's what the appeal is. so i'm wondering from one to which richard said, is this the direction of the republicans or a new group? >> mitch mcconnell has a tough job. he have to -- has to hold all the seats in 2015. one of the smart things he did in the alabama race was to get president trump to endorse his guide. this all started with the tea party. the tea party was the impetus that gave us that though drain the swamp mentality. and to the most popular senators in the united states senate all came from the tea party. three of them ran for president, two of them have been talked about for supreme court places. you're talking about the future of a vibrant republican party that is based on these conservative ideas. they do not support all of the things that people associate, but the core base of the party. and mitch mcconnell needs a winner, but he needs to win with the best conservative possible.
8:36 am
this much right, this much wrong. >> that speaks to a larger problem that mitch mcconnell will then there have. the farther the party moves to the rights, the harder mitch mcconnell has added governing his caucus. so what you have is a group of senators -- >> melissa: richard, let me stop you. i don't know how much further right it is. you look at a lot of the things that the president is talking about whether it is daca or tax cuts through the middle class, if you do the math, we know that it could be now. who knows what it will be like in the end, not generous to the top. it seems like it is more about hating the establishment or draining the swamp, it is not about further right. and democrats who also that is the common thread. we hate what has been going on. we want now to the same old washington people. >> the proof is in the pudding, melissa. look at repeal and replace, and ideology of the far right. when donald trump put those bills on the floor, it was moderate senators who said, we
8:37 am
are going to vote against these types of bills. what steve bannon is advocating for, he once those individuals. jeff flake from arizona, susan collins from maine. lisa murkowski from alaska. when he moved to the right of those individuals, you get -- >> melissa: richard -- >> mitch mcconnell has a problem controlling the center. what mitch mcconnell is saying that you have a problem winning the overall statewide races. >> melissa: this might be the problem that democrats are having right now, interpreting it as far right rather than seeing it as a small government. it's a debate for another time. love you both, you will both be back. >> jon: meantime, rex tillerson making an unannounced stop in afghanistan. a meeting with the president about defeating the taliban. he arrived today after visiting qatar. a trip that started on friday. covering that live at the
8:38 am
state department. >> good morning, jon, the strategy in afghanistan is such a key part of this trip for rex tillerson as he traveled to the middle east and asia. arriving at the airbase this morning, an unannounced visit, there he met with afghan president ashraf ghani. in afghanistan, the taliban has killed more than 200 innotech stressed over the past week. much of the meetings and discussions were about stabilizing the country in the region. the secretary has pressured afghanistan's neighbor pakistan to address terrorist organizations within its borders. >> pakistan needs to take a clear eyed view of the situation that they are confronted with in the number of terrorist organizations that find safe haven inside of pakistan. we went to work closer with pakistan to create a stable and secure pakistan as well. >> secretary tillerson said he was concerned about the future of stability of pakistan as he is in many respects about the
8:39 am
stability and afghanistan. secretary tillerson travels tomorrow to talk with senior afghan he leaders. they have denied safe haven to terrorist groups. he added that there are still moderates are among the taliban, he wants the u.s. to reach out to the moderate elements to be involved in any type of peace process, perhaps a governing process moving forward in afghanistan. this is as though trump administration has announced that it will increase the u.s. troop presence in afghanistan, a country where the u.s. has been involved for 16 years now. >> jon: there at the state department, thank you. >> melissa: the search for a serial killer as police warn residents and one big city neighborhood to avoid walking alone at night. surveillance video is giving investigators new clues about the suspect after three people are shot dead in ten days. plus i see losing its major stronghold and syria. but the next guest says the
8:40 am
fight to end islamic terrorism is far from over.
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when heartburn hits fight back fast with tums chewy bites. fast relief in every bite. crunchy outside. chewy inside. tum tum tum tum tums chewy bites. >> what i worry about africa, it comes to new platforms for people to come to a part of the ungoverned spaces of africa is where the terrorists will come after you defeat them and syria, iraq, afghanistan. some groups within the system of terrorist groups in africa that
8:44 am
would attack the allies. >> jon: that is senator lindsey graham warning that i say spiders might be moving to africa after losing their last major strongholds in syria and iraq. rocco was considered the capital of the terror group until syrian forces took back last week. but. but secretary of state till or and says that the fight against terrorism is not over. >> certainly iranian militias that are in iraq, now fighting against isis coming to a close, those militias need to go home. >> jon: retired four-star general jack keane is with us now. also chairman for the institute of the study of war, a fox news military analyst. isis blew up and was such a potent force relatively quickly. now that they have lost the so-called capital of their caliphate. you do not hear as much rejoicing coming out of washington as one might have expected.
8:45 am
why not? >> first of all, it is a significant milestone taking down the head of the state pays him bulimic safe haven that they have had for five years, putting it at the feet of the obama administration for not taking the state safe haven sooner. the reality is that first of all, the people who are involved, the u.s. coalition deserve some credit. block by block, building by building, investigating room by room, the unbelievable amount of ids and explosives all over the place. but the reason is, isis, while they have moved from the vulnerable as a result of taking this down, they are not dead by no means, they have expanded it to 30 countries. they have a virtual caliphate which they use to expire the taxes all around the globe. they have attacked nato
8:46 am
countries to include the united states to inspiration or direction, 39 times in the last two and a half years. and they are still a growing organization outside of syria and iraq, that is why you do not have people in the administration beating their chests, because i know that radical islam in general, jon, the private organization expanding around the globe. >> jon: many analysts have said if you can push them out of raqqa, or iraq, which was accomplished sometime ago. that they would sort of lose their luster. they would not be attracting the new followers that have been supporting their numbers. is that not the case? >> that is too early to tell. it just occurred. i think that will be the case, because as i said, they are no longer an invincible iconic organization. that's why we should hammer them so harshly a couple of years ag ago. to prevent the kind of group, but yes, the problem that we
8:47 am
have is that they are still out there in significant numbers. whether those numbers evaporate and erode as a result of this defeat remains to be seen, but we are dealing with a formidable organization that still has some money and a virtual caliphate, that its leaders, by the way our life. they are not dead in raqqa, they have moved out of raqqa months ago, they are in the euphrates river valley outside of town. we are close to that. and we will have to clean all of that out as well to take the headquarters of the organization, finally once and for all down. >> jon: is it time for a new antiterrorism strategy as some have suggested in the country? >> i think something like this milestone happens, we should take a hard look at it. i've always thought when we when it came to isis, we had a strategy to take the caliphate or safe haven down, but what about the rest of the
8:48 am
organization? we will have to do that with our partners, we have said some words to that, hoping that the administration puts a lot of teeth behind that in terms of concrete strategy and plans. what is taking place in africa as you mention in the intro, part of that strategy. we work with partners and indigenous forces to take on terrorists that are operating in those areas. >> jon: it's good to know that isis is out of raqqa, but looking at the video, looks like not a lot of raqqa (general jack keane, always good to have you on. >> good talking to you, jon. >> melissa: florida community on edge after three people are shot dead and less then two weeks. looking for a possible serial killer. steve harrigan's live from miami. this is scary. >> it is scary, especially for residents in seminole heights, people are afraid. there police out today. around school districts, helping children get to school.
8:49 am
the fear has reached that level. they are hesitant to use the word serial killer, but they do say without giving an explanation that the same person has likely killed three people in a 1 mile square radius in the past ten days. if two are the victims young african-american men. a third victim, a young white woman in her 30s. there has been some grainy video of a possible suspect, cannot tell his race or gender from the video. the three killings were carried out with a handgun at night when people were alone. it has really made people in the neighborhood afraid to go out at night. hurt local businesses as well. the last killing on thursday, police had a helicopter in the sky above that neighborhood. on the ground they had canine cruise as well as fast response teams, police heard the shots being fired, but the killer escaped, that fear continues in the tampa area. the $25,000 reward leading to
8:50 am
the suspects captured. >> melissa: that is amazing. they were in the air, patrolling the area, anticipating something like this happening, they heard the shots and he still got away. >> there is an intense manhunt, more pressure, because people are so afraid. they are thinking that he is either on a foot or a bike that helped him get away quietly. >> melissa: thank you for that that. jon. >> jon: it is better up as houston's astros get ready to face the l.a. dodgers in the world series, game one tomorrow night. why the match up could not have happened in five years ago. we are alive with that story. i was playing golf days ago...
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
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8:54 am
"outnumbered" top of the hour. house republicans moving on the budget and tax reform or face the consequences in the midterm election. he says they have the vote. or do they? what if they don't? >> who says the mainstream media is too hard on president trump? none other than the former president jimmy carter. what that says about media bias today. >> all of that plus #oneluckyguy, "outnumbered" at the top of the hour. >> jon: right now the houston astros and l.a. dodgers will face off against one another in the world series starting tomorrow night. jerrod max live at dodger stadium. >> jon, good morning. a set for a world series where one drought is going to come to an end prior to the los angeles dodgers have not won a world series since 1988, 20 years ago. the houston astros have never won the world series. joining the baseball team in 1962, only in 2013 that the
8:55 am
houston astros had joined the american league. when you look at the world series logo and you see those two teams, it is not the national league championship series, it is the world series. and the dodgers have been waiting around. it has been four days ago that they clinched the series when they defeated the chicago cubs, winning that series 4-1, the daughter 7-1 in the postseason. they have won every game that they played at home. the houston astros only clinched a couple of nights ago against the new york yankees. the astros won that game 4-3, they will be working out at the stadium as well. it has been a fun group. maybe the smallest guy and baseball, 5'5", but nobody bigger with the bat then jose altuve. they have been celebrating like it is 1999, going in a stars & stripes speedo. you think about what the team has been through, baseball a shot in the arm for the houston astros team. the last time the dodgers were
8:56 am
here, 1988, ronald ragan was still president, the former california governor, back then, gas, it was $0.91 a gallon, cost $3.50 to get into a movie. and the neil diamond song remade "red, red wine" was number one in the country. >> jon: you always get the good assignments, jared. all right. >> you know why this is really good assignment? the same time last year i was shivering, literally and cleveland getting ready for the series. >> melissa: [laughs] >> this will be the hottest world series on record. who even knows where this goes? did they get in price, $795 is the cheapest ticket for game 1 tomorrow night. >> jon: good you get them prepared. jared max, thanks. back in a moment. let's take a look at some numbers:
8:57 am
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♪...from far away. but they only ♪harsee his wrinkles.♪ ... ♪if only harry used some... ♪...bounce, to dry. ♪he would be a less wrinkly, winning guy.♪ >> that's going to be some world series. >> i can't wait. although new yorkers are sad.
9:00 am
>> thank you for joining us today. >> >> b22 starts right now. >> fox news alert right now, president trump welcoming singapore's prime minister at the white house just moments from now, mr. trump will host mr. lee and key members of the singapore delegation to a working lunch. accompanied by the vice president and cabinet secretaries. trade, the economy, and regional security, specifically north korea expected to top the agenda. then both leaders who will speak to reporters in the next hour. you can watch all of this live right here as it happens. fox news alert, president from making a big push on capitol hill for tax reform telling lawmakers to get it done by the end of the year or there will be consequences. this is outnumbered. i'm sandra smith. here today, harris faulkner. host of kennedy on the fox business network, kennedy. commentator


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